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Fishroom - Added another section


Yup, just added another section of the fishroom-build. Have a look HERE

Glass Belly Guppies


Within the around 50 fry are 7 fish with partly missing silver skin. This means that it is inheritable and not just something went wrong during the development of the mother. Her next lot of fry is still too small to tell but it is a bigger drop so there should be more fish with this trait.

Nect step is to cross one of her sons with missing silver skin back to her and cross some siblings.

Snake Chest Endler x Magenta Blond


In F2 there is one Albino fish. The F2 generation is usually very interesting to analyse due to the split-up of all the different traits. But this is very unexpected since I wasn't aware of the fact that either the Snake Chest Endler or the Blond Magenta carry Albino...

New section - The Fishroom


Started adding a new page about how I build my fishroom and will add more to it every week.

Nothing else exciting haapining at the moment. All the fry from my experimental rossings are growing but it is too early to tell what comes out.

total numbers of entries : 108
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