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Red Chest Blond & Albino


Another experimental strain: Red Chest Blond and Albino.

Nice looking fish, will be even better with Magenta. That's the plan for the next 6 month.

Japan Blue


The first generation (F1) between a Pink Lady Guppy and a Red Chest Endler produced very nice looking fish. They are already very close to the original Japan Blue Guppy and hopefully the next generations will improve the strain. At the moment I have listed them under the Experiments - check it out for pictures :)

Glass Belly Guppies


New photos from the latest generations of Glass Belly Guppies are online. Click HERE or go to Experiments => Glass Belly Guppy to have a look at them.

Fishroom - New section added


A little update:

  • A section on the racks for the 36 tanks has been added.
  • The Glass-Belly Guppies are doing fine. There are 35 fish with partly missing silver skin out of 60 fish in one drop. For the first time there are now some males with  partly Glass-Belly as well. Two of those are together with her mother to speed things up. Once the young ones are 4 month old I will put the best female together with the the best of her brothers. Either crossing should bring very good results in the next generations - hopefully :)
  • Because I'm concentrating on the Glass-Belly Guppies I had to discontinue some  of my strains. I gave up the Black Lace, the Blond Pink and the Blond Magentas. Also reduced numbers in the Albino Swordtails.
total numbers of entries : 108
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