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Unknown Guppy


This little bugger here showed up in F2 of a crossing between a Magenta Blond ♀ and a Red Chest Endler ♂.

I have no idea what it is or where it comes from. He looks a little bit like Japan Blue but the blue is spread over the whole body. His siblings were Half Tuxedos, Pink Blond, Red Chest, Blond Snake Skin, ...


DSC_2436.JPG DSC_2438.JPG DSC_2456.JPG

New section added


Just added a new section for the fishroom about the water drainage system. This is needed for the automatic water changes - and is also very handy when manually doing a water change, because no more carrying  & overflowing buckets of water ! :)

Extension nearly finished


The extension I'm building at the moment is nearly done.
It is a little pergola with a deck and will give the room a bit more shade in the summer plus I will be able to fit the heat storage tank in here. This will hopefully heat the fish room during winter - will see :)



At the start this fish looked like a typical female. After a while she was showing more and more colour and developed a gonopodium. Now "she" even displays to other females.

DSC_2309.JPG DSC_2318.JPG DSC_2319.JPG

total numbers of entries : 108
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