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Blue mutation of the Red Chest Endler


Looks totally different to the original but this is Red Chest x Pink x Asia Blau:

Love my Swallow Tail Guppies


The females are ready for mating now. Will be interesting to see the next generation. For the first time I crossed Swallow Tail females with a Swallow Tail male that has a normal gonopodium. Since homozygosity for the recessive wildtype alleles of the Swallow gene and of its suppressor seems to result in postnatal lethality of the males.

DSC_3682.JPG DSC_3683.JPG DSC_3685.JPG

Hypermelanistic Blond Tiger Endler


Something totally new: Hypermelanistic Blond Tiger Endler


Theses fish are base colour blonde which cannot have black markings due to the fact that the black pigmentation in the skin is very, very small. But hypermelanism boosts the production of melanin and suddenly black marking become visible again.

Compared to base colour gold, hypermelanistic fish show black markings in their pectoral fins.

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Swallow Tail Guppies


Swallows growing very nice:

total numbers of entries : 105
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