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Green Lutino Endler


A few green Lutino Endler showed up. Not as nice as the blue Lutino Endler but still something to keep:

Annual Preventive Deworming


Puh, a lot of work! Taken me 6h today:

In the morning done the normal 15%water  change and sucked out all the poo. Filled them up again and added the Prazi to the tanks. After 8h I changed 80% of the tank water with conditioned water I had sitting in a IBC tank.

And the good news - I need to do it again next week just in case any worms are hatching because Prazi is no good against their cysts or eggs.

Outdoor Guppy and Endler Breeding Setup


The outdoor Guppy breeding setup looking nice now with the warm weather. All the plants are taking off and I will put out the first Guppies and Endler this week.

I also added a filter to the waterline that goes into the fish room. For some reason the council decided to add heaps of chlorine and other chemicals to our water. The activated charcoal filter takes care of that and with 50ltr / min flow rate it doesn't make a difference. According to the water volume on the cartridge label I should be able to get 6 month out of one cartridge.

Blue Endler Hybrids


For all the Blue Lovers - Full Blue Endler Hybrid:

total numbers of entries : 108
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