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Upgrade fishroom


When I bought the tanks they came with two glass screens that fitted them perfect. The smaller one at the front could be lifted during feeding and maintenance. But since they were cut to the exact measurements of the tanks, condensation would run to the sides, creep in between the screen and the support on the tank and finally would run down the side or the back of the tank. Not much but still enough to form a fine water layer under the tanks. From here it evaporated and added to the humidity in the fish room.

Old glass screen on tanks Old glass screen on tanks



Now I replaced all glass screens with Acrylic. One bigger part (35cm) for the back and a smaller part (15cm) for the front. The front part has got a 35mm hole drilled to make it easier to lift and for the daily feeding – no need to move 30 lids twice a day now!

Also the acrylic sheets are cut 3cm narrower as the tanks. That way they won’t reach to the sides and there is no chance of water running down the sides now.

I also drilled a 7mm hole in the larger parts of the screens. Through these holes the automatic water change system files up the tanks. The idea behind moving the inlets from the back more to the front is to maximise the distance between the inlet and the overflow. That way the fresh water has more time to mix with the old water and hopefully more old water gets discharged instead of just added new water – more efficient water change system.


Bew acrylic screen on tanks Bew acrylic screen on tanks



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