Tiger Endler Hybrid

Tiger Endler Hybrid

Thanks to Redwood Aquatics in Christchurch this beautiful strain got imported to New Zealand in late 2012. I managed to get some of these fish in early 2013 directly from them. Since I could only get two pair back then, the first 6 month I purely build up stock numbers. After the population was save and had grown, only the best two males and three best females got selected. Out of their offspring; again I only used the best fish for the next generation. That way the quality of this strain keeps improving.

This strain is very fertile and hardy. It does very well here in the Waikato in a bathtub outside from December to about start of March. The adults don't chase their fry and the males use every possibility to flare their fins to the females.

The origin of this nice strain goes back to Y. Tsutsui and another Japanese guppy breeder in the 90s who created the galaxy/medusa trait in guppies. These fish usually don't express stripes. But Winge described a trait he called tigrinus in 1927 - another critical ingredient for the Tiger Hybrid Endler. AdrainHD of Swampriveraquatics finally used and combined these traits and introduced them into the Endlers gene pool and called this fish the Tiger Hybrid Endler as we know them today.

As you can see, these fish are not pure Endlers, they are hybrids between Guppies and Endler. So anyone that is trying to sell you pure Tiger Endler is not quite telling the truth - or simply doesn't know their background.

A little update on some more pictures: