Asia Blau Guppy

Blau2 / Asia Blau

A guppy with Blau2 or Asia Blau cannot express red in any form - even further; it converts red into a metallic blue when heterozygous. This is very interesting and comes handy if you want to breed a full blue guppy.
To be fair, this strain is not as fancy as others but its genetic is very fascinating and I like their simple beauty. Especially when the sun hits their tank and light them up as little blue gems.

I developed this strain from a single male I bought out of the "cold water guppy tank" from Animates in Hamilton. He only expressed a bright blue without any other colours. I mated him to a albino female and crossed his daughters back to him for 3 generations before he died. 2 years later, the males are very similar looking. Some express a very nice double sword but I only breed the ones that look closest to their ancestor.

Very exciting:
A single female shows a partly missing silver skin which could be the start of a glass-belly strain!