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Air Supply

The air supply for the 39 air driven filters is powered by a Resun LP40. She is connected to a 40mm PVC pipe that runs along the ceiling. In this pipe I drilled 45 holes in which I cut threads. They match the threads of the 45 stainless steel taps which have been fitted. From every tap there is a 4mm clear plastic tube that runs to every tank and the brine shrimp hatchery + a few spare ones. All of the 5 spare taps are fully opened, otherwise there would be to much pressure and the pump would have to work too hard.

This way every single filter can be individually adjusted. Thanks to the big 40mm pipe with its very small friction there is always enough pressure for every outlet. The best thing is, that even when I close or open or change a lot of the outlets, the air flow for the rest stays the same.