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Some Pure White Albino Platinum guppies, Silky Blue, Sulphur Lutino Endler, Metalhead Lutino Endler, Japan Blue Fire Tail, Koi Guppies, Japan Blue DS Guppy and another Silky Blue and two more Sulphure Lutino Endler.


The Japan Blue Fire Tail is a new strain and I like it a lot.

The Sulphure Lutinos are a of a very rich yellow and sadly the pictures don't do them justice.

The Pure White Albino Platinum looks a bit blue but under normal light they are just white.

More videos


Black Moscows:


Silky Delta Moscows:


White Platinum:


Koi Guppies:


Japan Blue DS:


A couple of videos


Black Flame Hybrids:


Silky Delta Guppies:


Red Moscow Guppies:


Albino Bristlenose:


Long time no update :(- Full Red Albino - but not really full just yet- Lutino Panda with Midnight and Gull Wing gen, crazy fish- Swallow Guppies still around- Koi Guppy, the red is just crazy- DS Japan Blue Guppy

Scarlet Endler Update


Looking good !

DSC_5055.JPG DSC_5057.JPG DSC_5061.JPG

Mixed Guppies


Full White Platinum and various Moscow Magenta Guppies:

total numbers of entries : 109
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